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Zorro (Musical): Yoseob’s Poster


Zorro (Musical): Yoseob’s Poster

Lock Screen

Lock Screen

the vibrating hyunseung when he eats

"From the day I was born, I never placed first in anything.  Even through school and being a trainee, I only knew of failure in my head.  I didn’t follow this path to place first, but thanks to everyone, winning makes me feel better and able to put the negative thoughts aside." - Dongwoon

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wax on, wax off

best of gikwang on showtime

DW: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Fan: [hesitates]

YS: Yoseob’s wife.

[screams in the audience]

GK: [hits YS]

DJ: What a bad guy!

DW: … You’re still in high school, right?

Fan: … Middle school…

[more screams in the audience, YS gets down on his knees]

DW: Sorry… 

GK: [continues to hit YS]