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140704 KBS WORLD Backstage Chat Beast


English broadcast listener Ramadhina Ita sent in this question.

How do you feel about your comeback? Which is your favorite song on this comeback album? 

Yoseop : How we feel about our comeback, it’s indescribeable.
It’s been a year since our last comeback and many fans have been waiting for us which makes us feel good. Also our favorite track is probably the title track “Good Luck”. We have to promote it! Every little chance we get to promote it we will. So we like “Good Luck”. Everyone, please listen to “Good Luck”!

This next question is from Vietnamese broadcast listener Nguyen Thi Thuc Oanh. What would you pick as Beast’s biggest charm? 

Dong-woon : We have so many different types of charms so it’s hard. But if we have to pick one, I’d have to say the six of us, our teamwork, which you can even see in our reality show together.

This next question is from Vietnamese broadcast listener Tran Ha Mai Khuong. Kikwang even took part in writing the lyrics for the song “History” on the album. How did that happen? Also, if you had to pick out of writing lyrics, dancing, and singing which would you pick? 

Kikwang : I’ve been working on getting some songs that I wrote on our albums. I’ve been composing and writing songs regularly, but it was just fortunate that my members liked the song “History” this time. Out of song writing, singing, and dancing, I’d have to pick…
Doojoon : Is it songwriting or BEAST?
Kikwang : BEAST!
Doojoon: Then dancing and singing it is.

This question is from French broadcast listener Sophéarâth Sokles. Do you get stressed out while rehearsing for concerts? 

Yoseop : I don’t think we get stressed.
Doojoon : It’s not so much stress as it is worrying and uncertainty.
Yoseop : About whether we’ll make mistakesBut there’s no real major stress.

This next question is from Vietnamese broadcast listener Huong Nguyen. From working together for the past five years, who would you say changed the most?

Hyunseung : I think it’s me…
Yoseop : How so?
Hyunseung: I think more about our B2uties [fans]…
Doojoon : Thinking about B2uties more and more…
Hyunseung :Honestly, I did love them before, but nothing like now.
Dongwoon : You just didn’t express it.
Yoseop : Even though you loved them back then, you didn’t express it.
Hyunseung: It’s deeper now.
Doojoon : Your expression has fully blossomed now.

This next message is from Vietnamese broadcast listener Huong Nguyen. “Dongwoon oppa~ Do you know how much your female fans love it when you hold solo piano performances? I want to hear you perform one day.

(Dongwoon plays the piano)

This question is from Maria Núñez in Peru. Can each member pick their favorite song and concept? 

Kikwang : Personally, I like “Good Luck” the best. I think it’s a successful display of a different new side of Beast
Doojoon : Anything you want to try in the future?
Kikwang : We still have a lot of musical talents we haven’t shown you. I hope we become a group that continues to try out different colors and styles and advances trying new things.

This question is from English broadcast listener Clara Cindy Christabelle. Junghyung was the main character in the music video for “No More”. What did the other members think about his acting? 

Doojoon : How can I dare judge Yong Jun-hyung’s acting? I’ll just say that he’s really been optimized in the music video.

What would you say is Beast’s secret for maintaining the long-time position of a top Hallyu star? 

Doojoon : Well, I don’t think we have a secret. Because we’re not yet Hallyu top stars. 
Yoseop : We haven’t even been around that long. We have to keep going. We’re still newbies.
Doojoon : We’re now four years oldWhen compared to a person, that’s just about when they really start talking. I think we need to keep working harder.
Yoseop : After we’ve been around longer, that’s when we’ll share our secret.

This next question is from Vietnamese broadcast listener Hoang Mai Ly. It’s almost university admissions test time for students in Vietnam because we start school in September. Can you send out a message for all the test-takers? I love “Good Luck”.

Junhyung : All you test-takers, listen to “Good Luck” and receive good luck for your exams.
Dongwoon: I don’t know what it’s like in Vietnam, but in Korea there’s a lot of different screenings. Do some research and prepare accordingly for the screening standards.

This question is from Aramoix Narvaez in Venezuela”. Any fun stories about your most memorable fan? 

Junhyung : I think we remember all our fans that we make eye contact with. It’s hard to pick one.
Yoseop : When we go abroad, our international fans try to write our names, but because they’re not familiar with Hangeul, they write Kikwang like “Chikwang”.
Doojoon : There was even a “Kiguana”.
Yoseop : There’s a lot of people that write Doojone and Yosoop.
Doojoon: But don’t worry, we recognize all of them.
Yoseop : Yes, write without any pressure.
Doojoon : We’re currently working hard on promoting “Good Luck”. We want to hold overseas concerts too and will try to see as many of you if opportunity permits so please wait for us. We’ll try to show you even better improved versions of ourselves. Everyone, please stay healthy and happy. This has been soBeast! 

All : Thank you!  

source : http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/program/program_bschat_detail.htm?no=511&current_page=

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Zorro (Musical): Yoseob’s Poster


Zorro (Musical): Yoseob’s Poster

Lock Screen

Lock Screen

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